Personal webs

This page is a living collection of personal websites that I enjoy.

The current web is getting more and more centralized every single day. And that's a problem, because something inherently decentralized as the web, slowly but steadily gets eaten up by the big tech companies, such as Google and Meta.

The good news is that the web will always be open for individuals to have their own space on it. Having personal websites is the way we can keep ourselves free and the web a much better place to be.

I hope this list of such websites will inspire you to create your own one, if you haven't already.

  • Sergio Mattei - Super cool guy. He's built the first `build in public` platform I started my journey into indie hacking (makerlog)
  • James Clear - James Clear is the author of the New York Times bestseller, Atomic Habits
  • Derek Sivers - Simply Derek. The guy who needs no introduction, I believe.
  • Jason Fried - The blog of Jason Fried, the Co-Founder and CEO at 37signals, maker of Basecamp and
  • 100 Rabbits - 100 Rabbits is a two person nomadic studio making open source software, art, and experimental products.